The CAMPUS - Vision

A joint venture between the people of Israel
and the people of Germany

The International Refugee Recovery Institute (The Campus) is a joint initiative of two nations, cultures and communities that share a long, complex and painful history – Israel and Germany.

Refugees and uprooted individuals will transcend their challenges, embracing dignified livelihoods where their rights are upheld and protected. They will foster compassion, advance education, and share their experiences and abilities. Whether they return to their communities of origin or embark on new journeys in inclusive societies, their quest for resilience and empowerment will be embraced and honored.

Our Mission

The Campus will be a joint place of reconciliation, brotherhood, partnership and faith in the human spirit, committed to the shared humanitarian values of all religions and beliefs, placing human freedom and civil, social and cultural rights at the forefront.

The Campus will act in the spirit of the Global Compact, encompassing the entire cycle of displacement, addressing issues and including measures to facilitate access to solutions.

The Campus will harness the most innovative expertise, creative ideas and practical knowledge in Israel, and around the World, in the fields of education, treatment of marginalized populations, social art, permaculture and the development of professional skills and competencies, to help youth and young refugees to heal and return to their home, or host, countries with the ability to strengthen their communities and live a dignified, sustainable lifestyle.


During the first half of the past century, one thousand years of coexistence between German and Jewish people ended. 

The relationship between Israel and Germany has been a complex one in the past century, with it’s ups and downs. It is multifaceted, shaped by historical, political, economic, and cultural factors. It is marked by both challenges and achievements, with both countries navigating complex issues while maintaining strong diplomatic ties and cooperation.

This unique relationship serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing historical injustices, promoting reconciliation, and building bridges between nations, even in the face of significant challenges.

The third millennium opens a new and encouraging era for rebuilding a collaborative future, for deeper reconciliation and joining hands in dealing with German, Europan and global refugee challenges.