The refugee phenomenon is one of the most complex, compelling and misunderstood features of the 21st century. Life as a refugee or an asylum seeker can be challenging to imagine. For over one hundred million people around the world, it is a terrifying reality.

Undoubtfully alienation, persecution and forced migration are amongst the most profoundly disturbing human experiences. The traumas of mass exodus confront those who are excluded from societies at times of acute political crises or rapid and fundamental redefinition of their economic, social or ethnic identity.

Refugees are marginalized, isolated and discriminated people and very often suffer from extreme exploitation, especially girls and women.

The global scope of the refugee phenomenon demands tremendous international efforts of governments, civil society, international government agencies and international humanitarian associations.

Reconciliation is a natural outgrowth of the Campus’ aims and values, as it is primarily based on the dialogue of reconciliation between the Jewish people (Israel) and the people of Germany.

The Campus is designed as a social, cultural and economic ecosystem, focusing internally on the recovery and growth of its fluid  refugee communities and, concurrently, setting up bridges to the global scene.

Gender Equality
Female refugees face greater integration challenges than their male counterparts. Therefore, promoting refugee women‘s knowledge, skills and capabilities to realize their economic potential and self-value is an essential task.
Intercultural Dialogue
Developing an activity space for intercultural and multicultural solidarity, gender-equality and human brotherhood based on volunteering and giving back to the community.
Helping the Integration of refugees in cultural and social activities in their home, or host, countries.
Multilateral Responibility
Bringing together German and Israeli societies to work collaboratively on the agenda of being a refugee: facing exile or persecution and living in extreme poverty and uncertainty.
Improving the capacities of refugees hosted in Germany, and neighboring countries, to advance their self-reliance capabilities and help them return to their countries of origin empowered, engaging in productive economic activities and rebuilding their lives.
Global Caring
Increasing global awareness of refugees' ongoing situation, challenges and fate.
Improving the quality, acceptability, availability and accessibility of services for refugees. Working together to protect refugees and assist them in reintegrating into society with dignity.
Nurturing a culture where oneness overcomes divisions; where wrongs give way to forgiveness and reparation; and where people suffering from broken relationships walk the road to reconciliation together.

Bridges between people, institutions, cultures and nations.

Bridges reinforcing gender equality and securing individual well-being, freedom and dignity.

Bridges enhancing tolerance and cross-cultural dialogue and understanding.

Bridges of mutual reciprocity, multi-lateral partnership and human solidarity.

Thus, overcoming decades of agony and mistrust and paving the way to reconciliation.