Refugee Youth
and Organic Farming
Social Change through ART
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An International Refugee Recovery Institute

The Campus is a joint initiative of two nations, cultures, and communities that share a long, complex and painful history – ISRAEL and GERMANY.
It is a transforming environment which guarantees refugees from all over the World a decent future wherever they go.
It is a center that places human freedom and civil, social and cultural rights at the forefront, thereby making a unique contribution to realizing the sustainable goals shared by all the countries of the world.

UNITS of the Campus

Youth Village

For young refugees without supportive families.

Capacity Building

Integrating refugees into the workforce.

Organic Farming & Permaculture

Sustainanble living skills.

Social Art

Learning how to bring social change through Art.

Visitors Center

Portraying the story of refugees worldwide.

R & D

The research and development of effective programs.

Gender Equality

Intercultural Dialogue

Multilateral Responsibility

Global Caring


The refugee phenomenon is one of the most complex, compelling and misunderstood features of the 21st century.

Life as a refugee or an asylum seeker can be challenging to imagine. Refugees are marginalized, isolated and discriminated people and very often suffer from extreme exploitation, especially girls and women.

The CAMPUS is designed as a social, cultural and economic ecosystem, focusing internally on the recovery and growth of its fluid refugee communities and, concurrently, setting up bridges of tolerance, cross-cultural dialogue and understanding to the global scene.