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Social Change through ART
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An International Refugee Recovery Institute

The Campus is a joint initiative of two nations, cultures, and communities
with a long, complex, painful history. It will be a unique model for multinational
cooperation and interreligious dialogue in dealing with one of human existence most
complex, challenging, and tragic phenomena—the plight of being a refugee.

During the first half of the past century, one thousand years of coexistence between German and Jewish people ended.

The third millennium opens a new and encouraging era for rebuilding a collaborative future, reconciling, and joining hands to address global challenges.

In light of the significant and tragic events unfolding since 7th October 2023, The CAMPUS, alongside its global strategic goals, aims to contribute to specific reconciliation activities between Israelis and Palestinians. The Israeli-Palestinian
conflict has deep historical roots, characterized by a complex interplay of historical, political, and cultural factors. At its core is a century-long struggle for the fundamental rights to sovereignty and independence for both the Jewish and Palestinian peoples in the Land of Israel, which endured centuries of foreign domination and imperial rule. The shared suffering of Israelis and Palestinian refugees highlights the human toll of political upheaval, emphasizing the urgent need for dialogue, understanding, and resolution. The CAMPUS recognizes the imperative to address these deep-rooted
issues and promote a path towards a more peaceful coexistence.

A CAMPUS is where Israelis, Germans, and members of other nations work together to give the refugees and their supportive professional communities the best of their experience, knowledge, and talent.

A transforming environment that guarantees refugees a decent future wherever they go.

The International Refugee Recovery and Development Institute will be a joint place of reconciliation, brotherhood, partnership and faith in the human spirit. A center committed to the shared humanitarian values of all religions and beliefs.

A center that places human freedom and civil, social and cultural rights at the forefront, there by making a unique contribution to realizing the sustainable goals shared by most countries of the world.

The UNHCR Global Compact (2018) highlights where the international community may usefully channel support for a comprehensive, coherent, predictable and people-centered response to significant refugee situations adapted to a specific context and aligned with national strategies and policies.

The CAMPUS will act in the spirit of the Global Compact, encompassing the entire cycle of displacement, addressing issues and including measures to facilitate access to solutions.

The Campus programs

Youth Village

For young refugees without supportive families.

Organic Farming & Permaculture

Sustainanble living skills.

Social Art Academy

Learning how to bring social change through Art.

Visitors Center

Portraying the story of refugees worldwide.

Reconcilliation Center

Combining educational and historical exhibitions on refugee issues and community reconciliation.

R & D Unit

The research and development of effective programs.

Capacity Building Institue

Integrating refugees into the workforce.

The refugee phenomenon is one of the most complex, compelling and misunderstood features of the 21st century.

Life as a refugee or an asylum seeker can be challenging to imagine. Refugees are marginalized, isolated and discriminated people and very often suffer from extreme exploitation, especially girls and women.

The CAMPUS is designed as a social, cultural and economic ecosystem, focusing internally on the recovery and growth of its fluid refugee communities and, concurrently, setting up bridges of tolerance, cross-cultural dialogue and understanding to the global scene.